Oct 12, 2019


Ms Katie is one of three teachers who started at Green Shoots International School at the beginning of the school year, and boy are we happy that she decided to leave San Fransisco to join us in Hoi An with her truly fantastic family of three. In the pursuit of adventure and a bigger spoonful of a taste of her genes, Ms Katie returns to Vietnam to teach our Year 5/6 class.

Without further ado, we invite you to meet Ms Katie:

Ms Katie with her little creature(s)

Who was your most inspiring teacher and why?

Mr. Warner for AP English in high school. We read novels and then watched the movie versions of it. Then we had discussions about the different interpretations. We did this all year long. He had posters of iconic 70’s basketball players hanging in his classroom. He did teaching how he wanted to and students loved him for it.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

When I’m not teaching, I am working on my writing. A lifelong goal of mine is to get a book published! Twenty or more years from now, you might hear about my book making its way out into the world.

What represents you best? Earth, Water, Fire, or Wind?

Water, of course! I’ve lived near the ocean in San Francisco for the past 15 years and now live near a swimmable (and not freezing cold) ocean here in Hoi An. And my zodiac sign is Cancer, which is a water sign.

What makes a great teacher?

Empathy. Courage. Humour. Wizardry.

How and when did you end up in Vietnam?

My entire family is from Vietnam. I am the only American-born in my family. Growing up, all I heard were stories about Vietnam: the food, the smells, the neighbours, the che-lady down the street. It became a mythical place that I yearned to see. So I came as a backpacker when I was 18. Then I returned at 22 to Saigon to study for a semester. Then I came back at 25 to Hanoi to teach English. And now? I’m 39 with a husband and small child and I’m back again! This time, I’ve returned with the ones I love; hoping they, too, will fall in love with Vietnam.

What is the most beautiful place in the world that you have ever been to?

I love the American desert because it looks like something from another planet. Santa Fe and Tent Rock, New Mexico come to mind. Big Sur and much of the Northern California coast is pretty spectacular. I grew up in Minnesota, which is the Antarctic of the U.S. But there is nothing that compares to the flat quiet stillness of a Minnesota winter night, surrounded by white snow everywhere.

The New Mexican desert

If you could meet any human being that ever lived, who would it be and why?

I wish I could meet my mom when she was young before she was married and had four kids.






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