How to Apply

Applications for entry onto a Green Shoots programme are accepted all through the year. To find out about entry for your child, please follow the simple steps outlined below.

Step one

Contact our Admissions staff via

Step two

Upon answering all your questions and arranging a school campus viewing, should you decide to apply for enrollment, we will provide you with the link to the application portal.

Step three

Once we receive a completed application from you and the application fee is paid in full, we will review and consider your child for a place at our school. The decision will be communicated to you in 5 working days from completion of the application for enrollment.

Entrance Criteria

Green Shoots welcomes applications from all potential students and endeavours to meet the needs of those who wish to study with us. While we are a non-selective school, in order to ensure that we can meet the learning needs of all of our students, we have put in place some entrance criteria.


English Language Proficiency
Proof of Prior Learning
Learning Support


For more information, please contact the school.[/su_spoiler]



Does Green Shoots practice selective entry?
Is there a waiting list?
Does Green Shoots accept applications throughout the year?
How is year level placement determined?
Does Green Shoots have English-language entrance requirements?
Does Green Shoots accept students with special learning needs?
Does Green Shoots ensure international diversity?
Is there a school uniform?

Ages and Year Levels

admission-ageAt Green Shoots we will generally place students in the year level that corresponds with their age on August 31st of the year of entry. This is because, for the majority of children, an age-appropriate class offers both educational and social benefits beyond those that may be gained from access to an alternative classroom setting. Many of our classes are multi-level, offering ample opportunity for differentiated teaching within an age-appropriate setting.

Under exceptional circumstances we will consider placement in either a higher or lower year level if we believe that by doing so we can enhance a student’s learning experience with us.

The age tables given here outline which year level your child will enter in the respective academic year.

year level



admission feeAt Green Shoots we try to keep our fee structure as simple as possible so that you, our parents, can clearly see the total cost of educating your child with us.

Unless otherwise stated on the Fee Schedule, all costs associated with your child’s education (such as meals, books, ICT use, etc) are included in the tuition fee. Fees are charged separately only where they may not apply to all students (such as exam registration fees, bus fees, clothing, etc).

An annual Development Fee, invoiced at the beginning of each academic year, helps us build our school to meet your child’s future educational needs. This money may be spent on a variety of different things including, but not limited to: curriculum development and teaching resources; accreditation and international school group membership fees, and campus development.

Fees, and our associated fee policy, for the current school year, are given below. Fees for the upcoming school year are released in February of the preceding year.




Useful Documents

useful-docsWe have included here a number of documents you may find useful. If you require a document that you can not find here, please contact the school to find out more.

HandbooksOther Useful Documents

Our Parent-Student Handbook provides information about how our school works, how we ensure the safety of your child and effectiveness of our teaching environment, and what we expect from our students, staff and parents.

Please contact the school if you have questions you feel remain unanswered after you have read these handbooks.


Medication and Accidents
Parental Consent
Your Child’s Schedule
Teaching and Learning
Healthy Eating